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We can’t get by without employment. This is the means by which we provide for the needs of our loved ones, educate our children, and set aside money for our retirement. When a job is endangered by unlawful termination, illegal discrimination, retaliation, or refusal to pay wages or overtime, the financial and emotional consequences can be devastating.

Work Discrimination in Anaheim

Discrimination is one of the most heinous infractions of employment law. Under both California and federal law, certain groups are protected from discrimination. These are some of the subcategories:

  • Race;
  • Gender;
  • Religion;
  • Sexual orientation;
  • Handicap;
  • Age;
  • Pregnancy and childbirth.

If you fall into any of the aforementioned categories, then your employer is prohibited from treating you unfairly. This implies that you can’t be dismissed or treated differently because of any of the above.

Our Anaheim employment law attorneys provide legal representation in the following practice areas:

An Anaheim Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer Can Help

Although it might be hard to define, the word “wrongful termination” refers to someone being fired from his or her work despite a history of excellent performance, results, and attitude. Discrimination is often a factor in wrongful termination cases.

Wrongful dismissal cases might be hard to see. The most important signal is most often the moment at which it occurs. Your manager may be in violation of the law if you reveal your pregnancy and are fired the following week for “bad performance,” even though you have received positive performance reports and comments thus far.

When an employer abruptly alters their assessment of an employee’s performance, many people suspect unfair termination. In many cases, workers can assess whether or not they were unlawfully dismissed or if the action was long in the making by looking back at their history and previous performance reports.

Retaliation Against Workers in the State of California

As a citizen and employee in the United States, you are entitled to uphold the law without fear of repercussions. Retaliation rules have been put in place to ensure that those who disclose misconduct are protected from retribution. You cannot be penalized for reporting unlawful or unethical activity in the workplace if you were doing so for the sake of justice. When a victim of sexual harassment files a lawsuit against their company, they cannot be fired as a result.

Sadly, many bosses resort to additional methods of retaliation against their workers. This can happen in several ways, including:

  • Denying access to essential meetings or information to the employee;
  • Lack of consideration for a promotion that the person is capable of receiving;
  • Refusing to discuss pertinent working concerns or inquiries with the employee;
  • Punishment through changing the employee’s work schedule or duties;
  • Limiting the compensation of an employee or refusing to grant them an adequate or meritorious rise.

Retaliation is prevalent in the workplace, and it can have far-reaching consequences in a number of different ways.

What Is the Role of an Anaheim Labor Lawyer?

To put it simply, an employment lawyer, also known as a labor lawyer, makes sure that your employer is held accountable if they have mistreated or underpaid you in any way.

Your employment contract and any proof that abuse has happened will likely be reviewed by your Anaheim employment lawyer. Afterward, they’ll put together a case for why and how the activity was willful and unlawful.

You’ll need an attorney who specializes in employment law and has successfully defended clients in similar situations. You need a lawyer who has dealt with situations like yours before in order to secure the best possible outcome.

Can You File a Labor and Employment Claim by Yourself in Anaheim?

In the event of a legal dispute, it is always advisable to retain the services of an attorney. It’s virtually impossible to win an employment law dispute if you go at it alone. It’s quite possible that your employer has an attorney on retainer, and he or she will utilize that attorney’s skills to avoid liability. Pay theft, harassment, and wrongful termination are all severe problems that might cost them a lot of money. Furthermore, if they are proven guilty, their reputation would be ruined, and they might suffer serious penalties. This suggests that they are likely to try everything they can to avoid losing.

If you want to effectively challenge your company, you’ll need a strong and skilled lawyer on your side. If you decide to defend yourself in an employment court case, you’re very likely going to lose a lot of time and money.

In the Event of a Lawsuit, How Much Money May I Expect To Get?

During employment law litigation, it is common to misinterpret the amount of money or compensation at stake. Ask our employment lawyers at Ricardo Lopez Law what they think you can sue for and what you could obtain in a settlement to get a handle on your expectations. We’re with you all the way.

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