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Discrimination in the workplace based on a protected class like race, gender, and disability status is all too common in the workplace. If workplace discrimination is severely impacting your employment status, you have come to the right place. At Ricardo Lopez Law firm, we have extensive experience in handling workplace discrimination lawsuits. As the top discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles, we will defend your rights and help you receive fair compensation.

Employers who make employment decisions based on certain protected classes are in violation of both state and federal law. Too many employees in Los Angeles are the victims of employment violations in the form of layoffs, cutbacks, etc. Don’t let workplace discrimination jeopardize your mental health and stability. Contact us as soon as possible to protect your rights in the organization.

Cases Our Workplace Discrimination Lawyer in Los Angeles Handle

At Ricardo Lopez Law, we have extensive experience handling all types of workplace discrimination. Listed are the common types of workplace discrimination cases we can handle.

If you have disabilities, then your employer must provide you with reasonable accommodations. Our employment discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles can help determine your rights. Moreover, we can also help decide if your employer’s conduct amounts to discrimination.

In the state of California, pregnant women have legal rights. Therefore, your employer cannot demote or harass you due to your pregnancy. If any of these situations occur, you should consider consulting our experienced lawyers.

Besides these cases, our Los Angeles discrimination attorney can protect your rights during racial and ethnic discrimination.

Do You Have a Discrimination Claim?

Before you consult us to defend your rights, it is crucial to know whether you have a valid discrimination claim. For instance, in California, the most common situations where you can file a discrimination claim are as follows.

Our law firm has a stellar record fighting for the rights of the employees in Los Angeles County. Victims of workplace discrimination may be entitled to lost wages, legal costs, attorney fees, and other punitive damages.

How Our Disability Discrimination Lawyer Can Help You

Our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the laws that regulate these violations of civil rights. Each lawyer in our firm is conversant with the ADA, the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the EPA Act, etc. We are respected for our ability to represent clients honestly and aggressively. However, note that we only accept cases that indicate a clear violation of your employment rights.

Reach Out To Us for a Free Evaluation

Navigating the violation of workplace rights can be tricky. You need an experienced racial discrimination lawyer to protect your rights. Pursuing a discrimination claim is confusing. Please consult with our discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles before proceeding with your claim. Contact us for a free assessment of your discrimination case in Los Angeles.  


Employment lawyers of our law firm are highly specialized in everything related to law and employment. If you think you have an employment discrimination claim, contact us right away.

Note that harassment and discrimination violate your rights under one of the following classes.
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Color
  • Age
  • National origin
    Moreover, harassment in the workplace can include everything from jokes to physical contact. When things are unjust, get in touch with us immediately.

If your employer is conducting illegal activities, reach out to one of our employment attorneys. Moreover, you can save emails and text messages as pieces of evidence that will come in handy. Understanding their behavior can help establish the pattern of harassment.

At Ricardo Lopez Law, we provide a free consultation in response to your claim of discrimination in the workplace. A group of lawyers from our agency will analyze your case without additional cost.   

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