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Huntington Beach-based employees may be subjected to illegal forms of harassment and discrimination at the workplace. Under California law, employees cannot be demoted, harassed, fired, or retaliated against for reporting illegal acts in the workplace. Employment discrimination or harassment case may make you eligible for compensation and other remedies. Get in touch with the Huntington Beach employment law attorneys at Ricardo Lopez Law immediately to explore your legal situation and learn about your choices.

Huntington Beach Sexual Harassment Attorneys

In Huntington Beach and across the United States, sexual harassment in the workplace is unlawful. Unwelcome sex is defined as any unwanted sexual encounter with an employee. A coworker, manager, customer, or contractor might be the target of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal under federal and state law, and employers cannot retaliate against victims who file complaints.

Unlawful sexual harassment might fall into two categories. A form of sexual harassment known as “quid pro quo” is the most common sort of sexual harassment. “This in exchange for that.” Quid pro quo sexual harassment happens when an employee is made to feel as if they must cooperate with sexual harassment in order to receive an employment benefit. Quid-pro-quo sexual harassment can also include a boss saying, “If you don’t participate in sexual contact, you will be fired.”

Huntington Beach Lawyers for Victims of Abusive Workplace Conditions

Another sort of unlawful sexual harassment is creating a hostile work environment. Hostile work environments are created when coworkers, customers, clients, owners, and managers are all engaging in sexually improper behavior. Some employers allow their employees to transmit sexually explicit jokes and content via text messages and emails to one other, while others show pornography in the workplace.

Hostile working conditions occur when an employee’s ability to do his or her job is jeopardized because of sexual harassment or other forms of sexual misconduct. At Ricardo Lopez Law, we believe that every Huntington Beach and California employee should be able to work in a workplace free of sexual harassment. A Huntington Beach employment lawyer can help you if you’ve been subjected to a hostile work environment.

Our Huntington Beach employment law attorneys provide legal representation in the following practice areas:

Discrimination in the Workplace in Huntington Beach

Employers are prohibited from discriminating against workers because of their membership in a protected class under federal, state, and city law. Employees who belong to one of the following protected classes cannot be discriminated against by their employers:

  • Age;
  • Religion;
  • Color;
  • A person’s ethnicity;
  • Disability;
  • A person’s sexuality;
  • Pregnancy;
  • A person’s genetic make-up;
  • Status as a caregiver, such as that of a parent;
  • A person’s identity as a man, a woman, transgender, etc.

If you have reason to believe that you have been subjected to workplace discrimination because of one of the factors listed above, you should consult with one of our employment lawyers immediately. The following are examples of workplace discrimination:

  • Getting passed over for a job despite having a good resume;
  • Discipline, mistreatment, or harassment that is unjustified;
  • Wrongful dismissal from a job;
  • Being underpaid in comparison to other workers who perform the same duties;
  • Not being promoted despite being due for a promotion;
  • Being denied the same number of employment openings or training possibilities as others;
  • Promotion or advancement chances are not available;
  • Being isolated from coworkers.

California’s anti-discrimination laws are among the strictest in the country. It can however be difficult to file a formal complaint against your employer. With Ricardo Lopez Law, you won’t be working on your own. We’ll be there for you to ensure that you’re protected and well represented.

Huntington Beach Lawyers for Employees Persecuted for Reporting Abuse

For many employees, bringing a discrimination lawsuit against their company is a frightening and stressful proposition. Retaliation against an employee who makes a claim might occur from time to time. Your employer’s response to your allegation of discrimination or harassment has been what? The sooner you speak with an employment lawyer, the better.

Under several job discrimination statutes, retaliation is prohibited. Discrimination against workers who report possible breaches of minimum wage, overtime, medical leave, or other employment loss is prohibited by law. In other words, employers cannot take significantly unfavorable action against an employee by harassing, demoting, terminating, or otherwise retaliating against an employee.

As an employer, you are entitled to make a claim of discrimination and participate in employment discrimination investigations. As long as there is proof the employer discriminated against the employee, the employee can win the case.

Huntington Beach Wrongful Dismissal Attorneys

Wrongful dismissal lawsuits can be filed if you think your employer terminated your employment in an unjust manner. Discrimination or retaliation cannot be used as a reason to terminate an employee’s employment. The provisions of an employee’s contract must also be followed by employers.

A Huntington Beach Employment Law Attorney Can Help You Right Now

You are not alone if you have experienced workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, or retaliation. Our Huntington Beach employment lawyers at Ricardo Lopez Law will fight tirelessly for your rights. In some cases, we may be able to assist you in regaining employment or securing a promotion. As a result of your injuries, you may be entitled to financial compensation as well as emotional comfort. Make an appointment with us right away to go through your options.

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