The Ralph Civil Rights Act in California

Do I Have Any Rights When I Have Suffered Violence Or Intimidation At Work? Yes, California employees have rights under the Ralph Civil Rights Act and the Bane Civil Rights

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Stand Up Against Discrimination: Connect with a Local Disability Attorney

In a world where diversity should be celebrated and equal rights upheld, discrimination still exists especially in the workplace. For those facing disability discrimination, seeking justice and support is crucial.

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How Can I Identify Age Discrimination in the California Workplace?

At Ricardo Lopez Law, P.C., our employment law attorneys represent clients throughout California who have been impacted by age discrimination, so they can hold the liable person or party accountable

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What Constitutes Age Discrimination in California?

At Ricardo Lopez Law, our Long Beach employment law attorneys provide end-to-end legal solutions for California employees who are impacted by age discrimination in the workplace. Age discrimination is the

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