What Constitutes Racial Discrimination in California?

At Ricardo Lopez Law, our Long Beach employment law attorneys know that when most employees identify blatant signs of racial discrimination in the workplace, they report it right away.

Unfortunately, employers, coworkers, and other business associates have become increasingly cleverer at hiding their biases. No matter how racial discrimination is disguised, it is illegal.

Both California and federal laws prohibit employers from discriminating against employees based on race.

If you believe your employer is falling short of the protections necessary to ensure you are not discriminated against, contact our skilled Los Angeles County racial discrimination attorneys today to schedule a free consultation.

What State & Federal Laws Protect California Workers From Racial Discrimination?

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the federal law that prohibits discrimination and harassment based on race, ethnicity, national origin, and other personal characteristics.

In short, this means it is illegal for employers with 15 or more employees to make employment decisions based on an employee’s race.

The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) makes it illegal for employers with five or more employees to make employment decisions based on an employee’s race.

What are the Most Common Signs of Racial Discrimination in California Workplaces?

Discrimination is defined as deciding the terms, privileges, or conditions of employment — including compensation — based on an employee’s race.

California employers may be held liable for racial discrimination when they refuse to hire, fail to promote, or fire an employee based on his or her race.

Racial discrimination can also stem from paying an employee or group of employees less than those of another race who do the same job or providing different benefits to employees of different races.

If you are the victim of racial discrimination or harassment, our skilled employment law attorneys in Long Beach can help you hold your employer accountable for violating the law.

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