What Constitutes Sexual Harassment in California?

Under California law, sexual harassment is conduct that refers to unwelcome sexual advances that create an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment based on an employee’s sex. This type of conduct can manifest in different forms, including inappropriate language, visual, verbal, or physical conduct that is sexual in nature. By consulting with a sexual harassment lawyer Los Angeles, you can determine if there is any merit to your claim.

What Qualifies As Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is unlawful in California. If you are a victim of unwelcome and unconsented sexual advances, you are entitled to certain legal protections. However, to fight your case, the lawyer should know about the sexual harassment conditions, such as the:

  • Unwelcome contact, advances, and sexual solicitations
  • Crude comments based on a sexual nature
  • Demands for sexual compliance
  • Graphic descriptions of an individual’s sex life
  • The employer requests sex or sexual favors for employment opportunities

Your Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer will analyze these situations and help determine how to proceed with your specific case.


There are many different examples of conduct that amounts to sexual harassment.. For instance, if your employer or colleagues grope your breasts or slap your butt intentionally, it can be considered sexual harassment. Moreover, making sexually explicit comments, cornering someone in a tight space, and catcalls are some of the most common unwelcome sexual advances.

While the overt types of sexual harassment are still prevalent in numerous offices, the subtle forms of harassment are on the rise. These subtle sexual harassment types can make you wonder whether you need a lawyer to protect your rights. Listed are the subtle types of sexual harassment that every employee should know.

  • Someone is giving repeated complements on your appearance
  • One of your colleagues is discussing their sex life in front of other employees
  • Cracking sexual jokes
  • Your superiors are sending sexually explicit messages
  • You are getting repeated hugs or other forms of unwanted touching

It is the duty of a sexual harassment attorney to ascertain whether the environment is hostile or not.


Nowadays, sexual harassment can take a variety of forms. Moreover, with numerous media platforms available to employees, sexual harassment is becoming prevalent. The main types of sexual harassment under California Law are quid pro quo and hostile work environment harassment.


In Latin, quid pro quo implies “this for that.” This type of sexual harassment occurs when your employment prospects, benefits, or on boarding is conditioned only when you meet someone’s sexual desires. If this incident happens in California and involves a manager or a superior employee, then that person is stringently liable.Victims of this type of sexual harassment can consult with sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles to represent their case.


Hostile work environment sexual harassment happens when unwelcome sexual conduct interferes with your work performance. But note that it is not necessary for a hostile work environment harassment to be sexual in nature. Even derogatory comments can constitute this type of sexual harassment. With a workplace harassment attorney, it becomes easier to address this issue.

California’s Laws Regarding Sexual Harassment

Besides the legal definitions of sexual harassment, it is important to know the sexual harassment laws in California. The Civil Rights Act clearly prohibits sexual harassment under the federal law. Moreover, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act prohibits sexual harassment in workplaces.

How to File a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit?

Here are the steps to file a sexual harassment lawsuit.

  • Consult with an experienced sexual harassment attorney
  • Let the attorney collect important evidence and interview witnesses
  • Contact the attorney to learn about the sexual harassment legal definition
  • Know the time limits for filing a sexual harassment case in California

A Variety of Remedies May Be Available to you if it is Determined You’ve Been the Victim of Sexual Harassment, Including:

  • Damages for emotional distress
  • Changes in policies
  • Hiring or reinstatement

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